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As one of the most rapidly growing companies in bidet industry in US, we take pride ourselves in being one of the leaders in the business.

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Our mission is to develop, expand and integrate an organization that can furnish products, programs and services and support for our customers to meet their present and future needs.

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Mission Statement:

we recognize the potential that we have to change lives. The concept of a bidet seat is still incredulous to some and at times causes giggles and a quick change of subject but let’s face facts: If you know a loved one who is suffering from an ailment or is unable to properly clean themselves anymore, you know firsthand how this affects their self-esteem and causes discomfort for not only that person, but to those around them.

Not many Americans, let alone our healthcare professionals, are aware of the integration of the toilet and bidet. The majority of Americans think of standalone porcelain bidet modules when asked if they know what a bidet is. The electronic bidet seat is a highly convenient innovation that has the ability to cleanse an area that we all would prefer to keep private and not subject to the hands of a caretaker.

Any online search of the benefits of using a bidet will tell you the same things: Increased hygiene, saving money on toilet paper, helping the environment by reducing toilet paper usage, relief for hemorrhoids and constipation, etc. We are here to tell you how life changing a bidet can be.

we've taken the best of today’s technology and fused this knowledge together with the therapeutic effect of pure water to bring you the golden standards: Supreme BB-1000, Prestige BB-800, Ultimate BB-600, and Harmony BB-400.

We will not put the common features such as the heated seat and warm air dryer on a pedestal but instead we would like for you to focus on the science of water.

Water is a source of energy, life, and purity. An incredibly outstanding portion of our world is made up of water, from our bodies to the earth we live on and to the food we nurture ourselves with. Why subject your body to a foreign substance to alleviate pain and discomfort when a gentle cleanse of water can do the same? Our design has delicately engineered the simplicity of water to cleanse in a way no invention of toilet paper or wipe can imitate or compare to. With every pulse, a stream of aerated bubble infused water washes away impurities and debris.

We believe so strongly in this product and it is testimonials from owners telling us how the bidet has affected their life that reinforces our enthusiasm and drives us to furthering our goal to bring this fantastic device into more homes.


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