As one of the most rapidly growing companies in the advanced bidet seat industry, we pride ourselves on being a leader in the business for bidets and bidet attachments in the global market with successful distributors on every continent.

We recognize the importance of partnerships and strive to uphold positive collaborations with each and every partner.

Bio Bidet is one of the foremost pioneers in the bidet market and our extensive inside-out knowledge of bidets is never put to rest in order to develop exciting new and innovative products that optimize personal hygiene and bathroom experiences.

Hands-On Design:

From start to finish, we control every aspect of design and production. Along with vigilant market research and observation, Bio Bidet products are constantly reviewed and re-examined for improvements or used as footholds for new innovative products. We have sought out some of the best minds in bidet engineering and brought them to our drawing board to put together products of superb quality and transcendent designs.

Incomparable Support:

Bio Bidet makes an effort to go above and beyond the industry norm to handle warranty matters. We believe that a large portion of a product’s quality has to do with the company that stands behind it. We earn the trust of our customers through solid warranty support and exceptional customer service.

First-Rate Dealership Program:

We are always looking for new distributors to represent our brand. With dozens of dealers set up in the US and dozens more worldwide, we have the experience necessary to come up with a straightforward dealership program designed around our dealers and their customers.


Bio Bidet

204 Berg ST
Algonquin, IL 60102

T. 847.458.2334
F. 847.854.1296

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  • BB-2000 WHITE ELONGATED 08859520120
  • BB-2000 BEIGE ELONGATED 08859520121
  • DIB WHITE ELONGATED 8809335571269
  • DIB WHITE ROUND 8809335571276
  • BB-1700 WHITE ELONGATED 08859520130
  • BB-1000 WHITE ELONGATED 08859520050
  • BB-1000 WHITE ROUND 885952-00060
  • BB-800 WHITE ELONGATED 08859520010
  • BB-800 WHITE ROUND 08859520020
  • USPA 6800 WHITE ELONGATED 880916-0439574
  • USPA 6800 WHITE ROUND 880916-0439581
  • BB-600 WHITE ELONGATED 8809160439406
  • BB-600 WHITE ROUND 8809160439444
  • BB-400 WHITE ELONGATED 08859520100
  • BB-400 WHITE ROUND 088595200110
  • BB-i3000 08859520090
  • BB-270 639266-139119
  • BB-70 639266139096
  • ELITE3 786218130318
  • TP-100 639266-139102
  • TP-70 616450-289959





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