Inspired by BIo Bidet.

Oasis luxury shower head series inspired by Bio Bidet. Experience the soothing Spa-like shower with Oasis 700 series
Rainshower system.

Oasis rainshower is a high-flow shower sprayer that delivers full body coverage through an evenly distributed cascade of water
that envelops your entire body with the indulgence of nature's ambient summer rains.

You can chose from variety of materials and designs in solid stainless steel with polished or brushed finish, or ABS with polished,
brushed, or brushed nickel finish. Ultra luxury clean, modern and low profile design will compliment any bathroom decor.

The shower head features classic and contemporary styles and creates a gentle, full-body rainfall that will leave you feeling
exquisitely refreshed and revitalized.

Easy to install with no required tools, the Oasis Rainshower can be installed on any existing standard 1/2" shower arm.

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OASIS Luxury Rainshower System by Bio Bidet.

Here at BBC Innovation, we take personal health and hygiene very seriously. It is our firm belief that internal happiness begins with a healthy lifestyle which cannot be achieved without proper hygiene. Having the ability to take a great shower to wash away dirt and harmful bacteria is absolutely essential to staying healthy and happy. At the same time, a good shower can do absolute wonders for putting you in a better mood, and helping you relax. Many cultures understand that taking a shower or a bath is almost a spiritual event; almost a mini-ritual that helps you to re-connect with yourself, to focus, and relax your mind. In western societies, however, we have lost touch of this. Our lives are so busy (running around, taking care of our families, working long hours) that the only time we actually pamper ourselves is when we take a trip to the spa a couple of times per year (if at all).



SPA like shower at your home.

Our goal is to change all of that and to help you reclaim the essence of your shower time with our line of Oasis premium shower heads, which were designed to deliver a fully revitalizing spa-like shower in the comfort of your own home. Our Oasis shower heads are not like the typical lower-end brands you come across in your local department store. A typical lower-end shower head has a small face with a small surface area. This causes the nozzles to be concentrated closely together, which in turn creates a jet of water that measures just a few inches in diameter and can only cover a small surface of your skin at any given time. Our Oasis shower heads were designed to specifically address that problem and give you a sensation of rainfall every time you step into your shower.



Evenly spaced anti-calcium nozzles

All of our shower heads have a much wider surface area, which allows for a large number of water nozzles to be evenly spaced throughout the face of the shower head. As the water flows into our shower heads, it becomes evenly distributed throughout all of the nozzles, and then flows out perfectly; enveloping your entire body with the indulgence of nature's ambient summer rains. The steady and even flow of water creates an amazing sensation that is simply not possible to achieve with lower quality alternatives, all the while conserving water usage to 2.5 gallons per minute. No more need to constantly twist and turn in your shower as you try to position yourself against the stream of water; our shower heads make life simpler. It is an experience that will leave you feeling not just squeaky clean, but will soothe your mind and will revitalize your soul.



Premium Rainshower head by Bio Bidet.

Our premium shower heads don’t just feel amazing, they look great too and were designed to be durable and to bring you enjoyment for a long time. Some of our models are a solid stainless steel construction, while others are a high quality ABS design. We utilize a polished finish in some of our models to give them a crisp and fluid look, while in other instances we use a brushed finish to create a more muted appearance. The luxurious and modern appearance of our shower heads, and low profile design, will compliment any bathroom decor.